I am Uroosa Ahmad

My Name is Uroosa Ahmad, 1992 Born in India. My Role Model is my Father Mr. Feroz Ahmad. I have done my Graduation in Bachelor of Arts and Advance Diploma in Tourism and Aviation Management. Soon after my Graduation I was Selected for a Job in Oman Air as a Ticketing and Reservation Specialist.

I have worked there for over 6 Years and was always appreciated for my Dedication and Hard Work.

I am a Seeker of Knowledge since Childhood and I Love Reading Books Especially Islamic Books and Ancient History. I am Talkative but only with a few Selected group of People like my Parents, Brothers and some Very Close Friends. I am Cleanoholic which means I love Cleanliness. I always keep my Day to Day things in a very Proper way and doesn’t like anybody to mess it up. I’m not Obsessed about it but I have always believed that Cleanliness attracts Positivity. Onething which I am Obsessed about is Fragrances and Perfumes. My God! there is not a Single which goes by without me Putting on my Favourite Attar or Cologne. My Favourite Brands are Wisal By Ajmal, Lattafa and J.(Junaid Jamshed) Perfumes. I like a mix of Strong and Mild Frangrances. I am aspiring to Launch my Own Perfume Brand one day.

My Life hasn’t been very Easy or Simple, not to forget that Allah (Subh’anaHu Wa Ta-A’la) has always Helped me come out of various difficult situations, but it wasn’t easy. My Father was Diagnosed with a Kidney Disease in 2006 and that was a Turn Around point for myself and my Family. Soon after this happened, I was forced to go find a Job so I could Support my Family. With the help of Allah (Subh’anaHu Wa Ta-A’la) I Succeeded and got a job in Oman Air. I left my Family and Went to Muscat all alone so I could do something and help my Family in this Difficult time. I worked Day and Night fighting all the Odds and kept moving Forward. My Colleagues and Seniors used to see my Work and started giving me Appreciations and Compliments. Soon my Hustle and Hard Work became an Addiction. I started Enjoying my Work and started Working even Harder. This was the time when I was not only able to Support my Family Financially but I was being seen as an Inspiration and Motivation by a lot of my Co-Workers. My Father used to wait for my Call everyday and he has always believed in me. When he used to see my Progress, he became really Happy and I could see that in his Eyes over several Video Calls.

Success comes with a Price, it was in 2018-2019 that a few Group of People started Noticing my Progress and Growth and they couldn’t see it. They started pulling me down and eventually I had to leave my Job and come back to India. When I came back my Father wasn’t keeping well. Me and my Family started working here to keep supporting the Family but in the End in a Battle between Life and Death, Death won and I lost my Inspiration, My Role Model, My Father. This was a Setback in my life and probably my most Difficult phase of Life. But, life goes on, I learn this from my Father. Since I was always fond of Reading and Knowledge, I had a decent amount of Knowledge about Islam and various Hadiths, so I thought why not, try and put my Thoughts on Paper. That was the time when I started doing Islamic Paintings and Calligraphy.

When I had enough Paintings, one of my very good Friend suggested me to create an Instagram Page and upload all my Paintings and Drawings there. I did this in June 2020. I gave my Page the Name NABEESA – PAGE OF LOVE. I Drew almost everyday and Posted my Paintings and Drawings on my Instagram Page. It was just a matter of time that my Page grew from 1 or 2 Followers to 4500+ Followers till today i.e July 29, 2020 and still Counting. People appreciated my Work and gave me immense amount of Love and Appreciation. The page Nabeesa and its followers have become an Integral part of my Life right now and I try and post my Paintings there almost every day or every other day.

Life is meant to be a Roller Coaster Ride and when things don’t get too Difficult for you, realize that you aren’t hustling hard enough. Believe in yourself and keep moving forward. I love this Quote from the movie Rocky –

“It ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

– Rocky Balboa